Vandercook Proof Presses

Universal III 20 inch
New inking rollers and extra set of cores, new tympan sheets/packing material, replacement electrical parts and extras. Comes with four new MB811 Bunting Bases fitted to bed with new imported brass roller rail supports. Has rare Vandercook press cover blanket, copy of Vandercook Universal III manual and additional info. Includes mounted old style Vandercook brass side guide with flared lip, original Vandercook roller height gage, positive lockup bar, et al. Serial nmber 20142. Power Operated Cylinder Carriage. Sheet size: 18.75" x 28". Bed size: 19" x 42.5". Maximum form: 18" x 24". Floor space: 2'1" by 6'7". 1,950 pounds. $24,000 plus shipping. SOLD

Forthcoming Sale. The primary press of The Bieler Press since the early 1980s. It was purchased “as new”. With lots of extras including two MB811 Bunting Bases and imported Caslon brass roller rail supports. Photos of work done on the press can be seen here and throughout this blog.