Misc. cylinder press, plate processing supplies & tools, et al.

Hi-speed quick change aluminum furniture, MV Huffman Mfg. Co., LA. Complete in cabinet (21 sets, 15-pica to 60-pica). Also singles from 10-pica to 60-pica. Inquire.

New brass .918 bearer supports 24-pt by 26 inches from Stephenson Blake, Sheffield, England. Price is $130 each. Sold in sets of two only.

Double S font of English Resalite furniture in double font wood cabinet. $1,800 pick up only.

Aluminum furniture made in Holland. Small clean family of 40-pica length in widths of 6-pica (2), 4-pica (4), 3-pica (3), 2-pica (5). Make offer.

Urethane Sponge Roller. Quickly removes excess moisture from the surface of photopolymer plates after washout during processing. 18" long small pore sponge roller (1-3/8" diameter) with 22" hollow aluminum shaft. These last quite some long time if stored in a container of water. New, in wraps. $149.95 plus shipping and sales tax where applicable.

Cylinder press bed plate. 33 by 20 inches (originally designed for a Vandercook 320). High grade 303 stainless steel  (resistant to corrosion, non-magnetic) deadly precise at .05" thickness, and parallel from end to end, length and width. Produced at Jet Propulsion Laboratory (but never went to outer space!). Make a really good offer.

Green Die Sealer, a well known fast-drying, permanent, yet flexible, sealer for letterpress printing dies. Serves to prevent solvent invasion of film adhesive on polyester-backed photopolymer plates, ensuring bond. Prevents plates from lifting at edges during printing. Removable. It is unaffected by cleaning solvents. It is also used for sealing the edging of a Green PVC adhesive sheet and/or a Magback (magnetic rubber) sheet on the platen of a photopolymer platemaking machine (used following installation of a replacement sheet or as repair to existing sheet). A very effective and extraordinarily long-lasting water sealer. Indispensable. Eight-ounce squeeze tip Yorker type sprout plastic bottle. New, unopened, limited stocking. $29.95, plus shipping restrictions/charges for flammable material (if applicable). Ground shipping only.

Raw Photopolymer Plate Strips are available in various lengths at 2 to 4 inches in width at $25 per pound (minimum). See our blog on platemaking for more information. Only Toyobo plates are sold. In stock are strips of KF95 and KM152.

• Paper Humidors. Humidor boxes are used for storing and handling dampened paper during editioning. Dampened paper can be held for up to 3 days. Includes sponges. These were constructed on the model described in Lewis Allen’s Printing With the Handpress. These are all from the Glen Price version produced in the early 1990s. These hold sheets up to 16 x 25 inches. Inside height including upper sponges is 7 inches; including handling is 3 to 4 inches during production. These are only sold in sets of two.