Hard-to-find metal spacing material

Large lot (74 pounds) of metal spacing material in small pica (11-pt): 5.5-, 5-, 4-, 3-to-the-em, en quad, em quad. This sizing was specially ordered for hand composition. Originally purchased for the production of a book-length manuscript (very clean and sorted). Cast by the Press and Letterfoundry of Michael & Winifred Bixler.

Small sets of large point size foundry-cast script spacing material: 42-pt, 48-pt, 54-pt, 60-pt, 84-pt. Total of 25 pounds. This is used in setting foundry straight-bodied script where the letterforms extend beyond the boundary of the body.

Large amount of metal type spacing material for sale in the form of medium to large point size quads: 24-pt em (11.75 pounds), 30-pt em (23.50 pounds), 36-pt em (9.50 pounds), 48-pt em, (11.50 pounds), and 48-pt x 36-pt (16.25 pounds). We also have small amounts of large and odd-size spacing material.